Läsvärda länkar

Röster för förändring av droglagar:

Human Rights Watch
Global Commission on Drug Policy

The Global Initiative for Drug Policy Reform
Statement to the Commission on Narcotic Drugs, 55th Session (Röda Korset)
Consider drugs decriminalisation system, MPs say
Piratpartiet: ”Avkriminalisera all narkotika för eget bruk”
Vänsterpartister vill göra knarkbruket lagligt
Centerns ungdomsförbund säger ja till cannabis
Podcast: David Nutt, ‘The current laws on drugs and alcohol – ineffective, dishonest and unethical?’
Former Mexican President Fox Wants Marijuana Legalized
Carl Hart, Columbia University Scientist, Confronts Drug War In ‘High Price’
The head of Australia’s leading alcohol research body has called for marijuana to be legalised to reduce the harm of drinking

Drogförbudets skadeverkningar:

Graphic: Mexican Drug Cartels’ Spreading Influence
There are no age limits in a black market for cannabis
Illegal markets: A rough guide to the value of various forms of illegal trade

Success stories:

Drugs in Portugal: Did Decriminalization Work? (fem år efter lagförändring)
Ten Years After Decriminalization, Drug Abuse Down by Half in Portugal
‘This Is Working’: Portugal, 12 Years after Decriminalizing Drugs

Marijuana: Hur farligt är det?

Study Finds No Cancer-Marijuana Connection (2006)
Marijuana habit not linked to lung cancer (2013)
New Study: Marijuana Does Not Lower IQ

Marijuana som medicin

Marijuana Cuts Lung Cancer Tumor Growth In Half, Study Shows
Cannabis Induces a Clinical Response in Patients with Crohn’s Disease: a Prospective Placebo-Controlled Study.
Cannabis linked to prevention of diabetes
Elevated brain cannabinoid CB1 receptor availability in post-traumatic stress disorder: a positron emission tomography study
Cannabis induces a clinical response in patients with Crohn’s disease: a prospective placebo-controlled study.
Harvard Study says Marijuana Cures Cancer
Medical Marijuana Returns Life To 6-Year-Old: Cannabis Oil Stopped Charlotte Figi’s Severe Seizures
Medical Marijuana Cuts Suicide Rates By 10% In Years Following Legalization

Olika drogers skadlighet

Comparative risk assessment of alcohol, tobacco, cannabis and other illicit drugs using the margin of exposure approach, 2015 (artikel) (undersökning)


(Från undersökningen: ”The MOE is defined as the ratio between the point on the dose response curve, which characterizes adverse effects in epidemiological or animal studies (the so-called benchmark dose (BMD)), and the estimated human intake of the same compound. Clearly, the lower the MOE, the larger the risk for humans.”)

Harms and benefits associated with psychoactive drugs: findings of an international survey of active drug users, 2013 (undersökning):

10.1177_0269881113477744-fig2 (1)

Drug harms in the UK: a multicriteria decision analysis, 2010 (artikel) (undersökning):


Ranking the Harm of Alcohol, Tobacco and Illicit Drugs for the Individual and the Population, 2010 (undersökning):


Knarkexpert: ”Tillsätt ny drogutredning”, 2012 (artikel):



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